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Hillary Clinton Was Caught Giving $800.00 To Fund Antifa!!

Hillary plagued by scandals as she never learned her lesson. This woman was caught in a domestic terrorist funding scheme. It was pretty clear to all of us that Soros and his cohorts control the Antifa, we saw the Antifa paychecks and we witness that all pro-socialist oriented groups use the same narrative and have the same attitude, but nobody expected that the sore loser Hillary is still involved is flash mobs and domestic terrorism.

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We couldn’t make this kind of stuff up if we tried. Hillary Clinton’s corrupt behavior has her in hot water again. She failed miserably at brainwashing the masses of Americans that she attempted to during the 2016 Presidential Election, and now she has done something that really has Americans turning their backs on her for good. Federal Election Commission filings have proven that Hillary Clinton has given $800,000 from her personal campaign funds to her new political action group, Onward Together.

The Daily Caller explained that Clinton’s “dark money” group received the $800,000 directly from her 2016 failed presidential campaign. This was right before the group launched back in May.

There is a huge catch. Offended America has reported that the money actually went to the terrorist organization, Antifa. Clinton is backing up these “resistance” groups like Antifa that are simply local terrorist organizations. During the 2016 Presidential Election, Clinton was caught criticizing all dark money groups. Ironically enough, now she has her very own.

After Hillary Clinton’s epic fail in the 2016 Presidential Election, it seemed quite obvious that her power was becoming limited. This is a woman who had made her entire living taking monetary donations from other corrupt people. It might have been her descent into irrelevance that pushed her to make the decision to form her own super-PAC. Whatever it was, she did.

There were doubts that Clinton’s PAC was even making use of all the donation money they had received, but the Daily Caller spoke to five separate Antifa affiliated groups. Only one of these groups actually denied donations from Clinton’s group, Onward Together. A Soros-linked group, called Indivisible, did deny any financial gain from Clinton or her group, Onward Together.

Clinton had explained that her intention was for Onward Together to be “part of the resistance.” Her intentions are clear. She is trying to counter President Donald Trump with violent action and protests. The group’s mission statement even says that they are working towards “encouraging people to organize, get involved, and run for office.” They are hoping to push “progressive values and work to build a brighter future for generations to come.”

This woman doesn’t even deny her involvement with such groups. Clinton actually signed an email, which was sent out last week, that requests money. She wrote “you may not have heard much about the work we’re doing at Onward Together. That’s because we’re working behind the scene to fund, support, and amplify the work of the groups we’re supporting. We’re not the story: they are.”

It still baffles me how more than 65 million people voted for a CAREER CRIMINAL like Hillary Clinton. We really dodged a bullet during last year’s election cycle.

Hillary Clinton has a good chance to leave the USA, go on some island in the third world countries and stay there until the rest of the days living a luxurious life. That’s the best possible scenario for her and her equally, if not worse, corrupted husband.

As long as she continues to be involved in scandals like this, she’s getting closer to where she really belongs-jailhouse.

Spread this story so everyone could see how restless Hillary is.

Written by Leigh Brown

Leigh Brown is a former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer who served nineteen years overseas in Turkey, Italy, Germany, and Spain. He was the CIA Chief of Base for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and was one of the first Americans to enter Afghanistan in December 2001. Leigh is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a Washington-based advocacy group that seeks to encourage and promote a U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East that is consistent with American values and interests.

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