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Stephen King Went WAY Too Far With This Tweet About Trump

Liberal hero, Stephen King may have bitten off more than he can chew with his latest tweet attacking President Donald Trump.

“It’s clear at this point that extreme measures are needed to remove Donald Trump from office,” King said. “If this were one of my books he would have been dead within the first few chapters.”

“Maybe we’ll get a special twist ending if we’re lucky,” he says.


After swift backlash, King deleted both tweets.

Threatening the life of the President is a felony punishable by up to life in prison, and King’s threat was pretty direct. So far, it is unknown if the Secret Service is aware of the washed-up horror author’s threat to the President.

So far, neither King or President Trump has made a statement acknowledging the horrific threats made against him.


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  1. Stephen King: You have never made a contribution of any kind and probably never will. Most of you enemies of Trump are merely enemies of Americans. Try to find a candidate next time. You don’t even find a dem to run, do you? Nothing but “nothings” with no goals for America.

    • And do it now ,stop these morons from making these death threats upon our president,in another time the first death threat would have meant instant prosecution or death,and that would have been the end of it .

  2. King deserves a visit from the secret service! These luny dems would have rioted in the streets if people would have made such outrageous statements against Pres Obama. I am sick and tired of their fanaticism just because the rest of us decided against their socialistic nirvana. You lost, grow up and act like civilized members of America.

  3. I’m offended by your thoughts on President Trump, I feel and think that many of his policies will help the middle, and lower class people achieve their dreams, because they have more to work with. Talented people, with hard work can be successful, with the proven polices used by both JFK, and Reagen, and lied about by the damn progressives.

  4. It`s clear you are having trouble in a world you can`t control…they make medicine for that, you should get some of that and some mental health counseling.

  5. Callously calling for the murder of the President of the United States while pretending to be tolerant and compassionate. Absurd, hypocritical hate and bigotry, traits all idiot liberals share.

  6. Mr King you have been a fav author of mine for over 30 years. You have now lost me. I look to you to take me away from the world and it’s real troubles, but you just had to go there. I am one of many readers who just want to be entertained by your stories. If you want to play out your feelings about this President and the stinking mess both candidates brought to the arena, then do so with your usual horrifyingly gifted style. Let us ride your anger into a realm that won’t disappoint us into thinking that you just “penned” your fans into your political agenda. I would also add that I have been on the fence about seeing the Dark Tower, Idris Elba as Roland was a great choice. Althojgh the choice of Matthew McConaughey, feels about as enticing as your personal political Twitter rantings. I think the cast of Mr Mercedes is excellent and have not yet been disappointed by it. So please stick to what you do best and don’t make the mistake of dividing your fans into feeling less than appreciated if we disagree. Remember our green is all the same and we choose who and what is worthy of it!

  7. Whelp Looks like Stephen King Just Sank his Career. No More Stephen King for me. People Need to Respect The POTUS and stop all these slanderous statements and Death Threats it is not Acceptable Behavior.

  8. I was reading his black tower series but after what he tweeted about our President, I will never read another of his books, I don’t really care for his writing anyway so its no loss for me. It’s so unfortunate that democrats just can’t get over that Trump won the election so they keep throwing dirt at him, but he will win at the end and you know why because he genuinely cares for the American People, whether you believe it or not. He wants to make America Great Again and he is doing it, slowly not by his fault but because the resistance of the Democrats and the Rhinos. I hope he cleans out the swamp so he can move forward.

  9. This is just one more dummy who is blind to what President Trump is doing in order to save us. He and the other far left are increasingly becoming the enemy of America. Because they have no plan but total chaos and death to all white people and Christians. Yet, King and much of the left are white including Michael Moore and Chris Cuomo. And all are wealthy and “privileged” and they must die also, right?

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