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BREAKING: Major Nevada Democrat Just Became A Republican

Donald Trump is such a great President that Democrats are starting to switch sides, just like he predicted during the campaign.

On Saturday, Nevada state Senator Mark Fitzgibbons of Holloway shocked supporters when he told them on Facebook that he “just couldn’t be a Democrat anymore.”

“President Trump is easily the most effective President we have had since Reagan, whom I have always praised,” Fitzgibbons said, adding that he has “officially left the Democratic Party as of this morning.”

“As of Monday, I will be a proud member of the Republican Party where I will continue to fight for the American people, the Constitution, and liberty for Nevadans,” Fitzgibbons announced.

A representative for the new Republican’s office told OANN that lines have been flooded with death threats from so-called “tolerant” liberals who are angry that Fitzgibbons demonstrated that he has some sense.

“We have had to ask police for a protective detail,” spokeswoman Angie Smeltford told the Nevada Star. “So far, he has received 139 ‘credible threats’ and countless others investigators tell me.”

This move happened just a week before a vote on a controversial Democrat-led bill that would make all bathrooms in the state “all-gender.” It could be Fitzbibbons’ vote that saves the state from this moral atrocity.

Previously, Fitzgibbons attacked Trump but says he was won over after he saw the “precision” with which he does his job.

Fitzgibbons will surely prove to be a valuable addition to our side in Nevada, especially if he follows through on his plan to run for Congress.

Written by Leigh Brown

Leigh Brown is a former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer who served nineteen years overseas in Turkey, Italy, Germany, and Spain. He was the CIA Chief of Base for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and was one of the first Americans to enter Afghanistan in December 2001. Leigh is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a Washington-based advocacy group that seeks to encourage and promote a U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East that is consistent with American values and interests.

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